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Birmingham, Alabama 


le Shoals Bapti 

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Mu|cle Shoals Baptist Association 

"f'V .. 

- *v,* 


IfciiHselvillo T5n/p'tist. Olinrol*** 


,_•.**., . t 9 : 

September, 29th, 30th and 2d of October, 1871, 

7 w- 




j <y 

Et/t>ku J. tUTNN, Moderator. 
J. Q.\ ROBERTS, Clerk. 



! £* 

















r c * '. 


V. * 

■••* . 

' ^ ' 

'*. ;: ' 

-•■■■■•■ ■.7..-^.v •.■.;/•■■ 
-.*^ . .. * 

• *. <* . .-"5 '-' ' 

4^i • W ■■'■■': 




1 . fc* 


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■ • ■ 


j.V— V 



'ikdSs ■ :S 




or THE 

Fifty-Second Annual Session 


Muscle Stels Baptist Association : 


IBta*js*seIviUe Baptist Olmrcli, 


I ; 

and 2d of October, 1871, 



- T.ldkh J. GUNN, Moderator. 
J. C. ROBERTS, Clerk. 





i ■ 






The fifty-second annual session of the Muscle Shoals Baptist As- 
sociation met with the Kuaselvillc Baptist church, Franklin county, 
Ala., Friday before the first Lord's day in Obtobcr> 1871. 

Introductory sermon by Klder J. Guna, frora Gall. 6th: 17th, 
after which adjourned one hour. 

Met pursuant to adjournment. Prayer by Elder* S. M. Steenpon. 
The former Moderator in the Chair, then announced as reading 
clerics Klders J. L. Lattimore, Jos. Shackelford? and J. C. Vincent, 
who procoeded to read the various letters as they were presented. 

Upon motion, F.lder Win. Leigh wis recognized as a delegate from 
Mt. Pleasant church instead of lire. Belue, absent. 

Upon motion it was then ordered that the usual mode of electing 
Moderator and Glerk- be suspended, and that they be. elected by ac- 

Upon motion, Elder J. Gunn was elected Moderator and Elder 
J. C. Roberts, Cleric. 

Upon motion of Elder Jos. Shackelford, the Cleric was required 
to procure a book in which to record all the future proceedings of 
this body. 

The following committees were then announced: 
On Education, Z. F. Freeman, F It. Stanley, G.AV. Smith. 
On Sabbath Schools, J. I*. I/.ittimore,S. M.Steenson, -I«iao Bradford' 
On state of Religion, Wm. Simpson, Sam'I Wallis, W. F. Orr. 
On Home Missions, Jos. Shackelford, J. O. "Vincent, J. C. Robert?. 
On Finance, C. Gibson, J. \Y\ Herring, J. S. Hale. 
On Devotional eicreises, the Pastor aud Delegates of Kussclville 
church, J. B S|*eake, I. N. Owen. 

On Documents, J. B. Speak*?, II. M. Waldfop, T, G. Underwood. 
On Temperance, it. J. Jennings, It. T. Wear, J. L. Gibson, 
(.'died for Petitionary letters upon which one was presented from 
Pilgrim's Best church, by her delegates, which ww roeelvt-il and- 
the hand of fellowship given by the Moderator. 

Letters of Correspondence were then called fov, amVprc.vnted'br 
mc;;senr«rs from the following Associations: liberty,- Bear CreiU, 
North Eiver and Colbert Shoals. 

Upon motion, Bros. J. J. Rogers and T. W. Jaek^nwer* recog- 
nized as messengers from Bear Creek Assccut'inn. 
Upon motion, correspondence was then uppoinUd as UAUy. To 

: !" 

i 1 


— - t 

■ . L ■w'?' " ..ii i ■ -JV. ^^^^ 

(Jcneral Association of Middle Tennessee ami North Alabama, Z. F. 
Freeman, \Vm. .Simpson, It. J. Jennings.. J.C. Roberts, W. A. Agec, N 
G W Bond, S. M. Stcenson, VV. B. Carter, Jos. Shaekeltord. 

Upon ration it wa*ordeicd that this Association send six dollars 
to the General Association as a Minute Fund. 

Upon motion, visiting brethren from slstei Associations were in- 
vite*! to seats with us, upon which Elder C. Smith, of Florida, was 
recognized as representing the Florida Association. 

The committee on devotional exercises report that MIer bhaekel- 
* lord preach tonight at early candle-lighting. ^ . 

Adjournal- to 9 o'elock to-morrow morning. Prayer by Llder h. 
J. Jennings. 



.Saturday wrung, ©V«V*, ?cpteml>er V>Qth, IS71. 

Met pursuant to adjournment. Prayer by Elder Matthews. 

The Moderator then appoint-d a* delates to Liberty Association 
Elder Jos. Shaekeltord and E. H. Stanley. J 

To Indian Creek. Wm. Leigh, J., B. M. f™™\ 

To Hear Creek, J. C. Vincent, A. J. l>;atherwoud, J. U Y> hit- 
lock. Jos. Shackelford, J. Britnoll. «-»-al^-H 

To North River, R. T. W**r, 1). U. Chamblu*, J. d Koberts,E. 

It. Little, J. W. HoWt«. • 

To Colbert Shoal*, S. M- Stcenson, J. G. Wbitlock It. J. Jennings. 
To Warrior Paver, W. Simpson, M. A. Ver-er, It. J. Chun). 
Upon .notion the roll was then called and absentee* marked. . 
Unon motion, Will. UyfcUMl was rcogni/ed us a delegate from 

Mt. Moriah chnreh, . ' t , . 

Then ealled for the report of t .e Trusses of the Baptist I cmalu 
Institute at Moulton, which was read by Elder J. U Lattimorc, as ; 

Jtpr of TVi-rtw ofJiapi^ lent tic Int'duU at l/bttfrn. ] 

TIk Trusted of the Uaptist Female Institute at Moulton, Ala., j 
'A ,«.i re ,. ""fully lav before y,,ir severed body] the following, as . 

Z £«&* annual report: No report ™«*^*CZ£ 8 
A \W.ati.m. fhw happened by tlic unex,iecte.l absence of the 1 res*- I 
iLoftheWdumilitw^too late to convene the traces to 1 
f have hi. place supplied and the proper repmt mfp«^- * ronl . ™j j 
i ; &, of our k.*t report which was dated in October, 1860, tne school j 
.1 "^Institute was conducted by § Elder . . Lj Uttunore ;_ J^« fl. 
. pr.vioiH engagement he continued at the head of the I n»UttttK.» »* ,,. 

/ ' 



1 1 


! I 


I! ! 


its Principal, until December, 1870, when his health became so much 
enfeebled by his long and arduous duties, both as TcacIitT and Min- 
ister, that he found it necessary to intermit his labors until his health 
was somewhat restored. In the mean time the Board put tin: school 
under the management of Prof. (). D. Gibson, a gentleman of expe- 
rience and (£ne qualifications as a Teacher. He took charge of the 
Institution in January, 1871, and continued to teach during the 
Spring session of 1871, which ended in .June last. After this Elder 
«T. I/. Lattimore was restored as the President of the school. He 
commenced the present session in July, ltf7l, and has cominfied to 
manage the school with the aid of Mr. Charles G. Liuch, as his As- 
sistant. During the session there have been about sixty scholars 
entered, and their progress has been encouraging a'nd tuecesssul. 
Health and good order have prevailed, and the hope is entertained 
that the liberal founders of the school have not labored in vain in 
giving such encouragement to so important an Institution for the pro- 
gress lind support of morals, usefulness ami religio.i. The property 
of the Corporation is in a safe condition', and has suffered no injury 
save wear from use. The Piano belonging to the Hchool has become 
very much worn and injured by age an<f long use, and it was sold 
bv "the Board and the proceeds applied to the payment of a small 
debt against the.Corporation, which placed the Institution out of 

The following persons constitute the Board of Trustees: Thos. M. 
Peters, Darius Linen, Michael Wert, J. V. Shoemaker, Calvin A. 
Crow.SVilliam Harris, Charles Uiheon, Benjamin ¥. Walker, M. W. 
Mays' Daniel G. Johnson, Jos. Shackelford slid W. A. Gilbert— 
thirteen in all; of these, the terms have all expired except the bl- 

owing, to-wit: Peters, Liuch, Shoemaker and Harris, who were 
appointed in 1809. All of which* is most respectfully submitted. 
1 1 Titos. M. Ptvi Kits, Pits, of lioard. 

Upon motion the above report was referred to a committee con- 
sisting of the following persons: Z. F. Freeman, Jos. Shackelford 
and J. L. Lattimore to fill the vacancies occasioned by expire.! time. 

Report of Missionaries called for, upon which Elder M. A. Verser 

presented the following: 

Engaged two months, preached 28 sermons, delivered 17 exhor- 
tations, 'conducted 12 prayer meetings, witnessed (10 eqn versions, 

baptized 38. .•*'«* '* « 

J C. Roberts reported the following services 28, exhortation*!-!, 
conversions 21, baptized 32, ordained .1 minister and 2 deacon*. 

Report on Sabbath Schools called for, which was- read by J. L. 
Lattimorc, which upon motion, alter being amended so as to recom- 
mend our Sabbath School paper, "Kind Words," was adopted. This 

! ! 




paper is published at Memphis, Tenn., at 12i cents per copy per year 
for the month \\ when 10 copies arertaken; 25cts for the semi-monthly; 
50 cts per co/>y for the weekly, either of which nray be had by ad- 
dressing Elder S^ Cuykin, Memphis, Tenn. 

Reparian Sabbath Schools. 

Your comnii tee on Sabbath Schools report that we are glad to 
notice in the li tera from, the churches that this important subject is 
now engaging he attention of the membership of this body more 
than in ibruiei vbars. Knowing that early impressions are more 
lasting than tin se made in after years, the christian parent ought to 
see that thg firs: impressions made upon the young mind are in favor 
of Christianity. The most effective way of bringing children to 
Christ is to teach them the truths of the gospel, and this in our opin- 
ion can be done no where so successfully as in the Sabbath School, 
where an oftbr' is made to simplify the teachings of Christ and en- 
gage the attention of the young. Many of our children fail to com- 
prehend the sermons they hear from the pulpit, and much of the 
labor of the minister is lost upon the younger members of the con- 
gregation. We would therefore urge upon every Pastor in this As- 
sociation to make an effort to have Sabbath Schools established in 
liia field of labor. We would also request all the churches bavin" 
Sabbath Schools to report them in their letters. 

J. Jj. Lattimork, Chairman. 

The chairman of committee on Documents made his report, which 
upon motion, iftcr being amended so as to grant a letter of dismis- 
sion to Shiloh church, was adopted. 

Report of Committee on Documents, 
Wc havo not been able to examine all the letters from thj? various 
churches, but it is our recollection that a number of churches on the 
east boundary of this Association manifest a disposition to draw off 
and form a new Association. This we do not approve, remember- 
ing the axiom that in union there is strength, we would recommend 
that .theye be no division of our body. Another request is found in 
two of tho letters, in reference to the next Association — one from 
Hopewell, the other from Pleasant Hill. Without discussing the 
merits of either, we advise that the next Association be held with 
Pleasant Jlill church. Respectfully submitted, ' 
& J. B. Speake, Chairman. 

The report on. Education read by Z V. Freeman, pending a mo- 
tion for adoptjon, a morion was made to adjourn to 1} o'clock p,m. 
Adopted. Prayer by Elder Wm. Leigh. 

Saturday Evening, 11 o'clock. 
The Association resumed business. Prayer by Bro. J. fl.'Speake. 

/ ' 


The adoption of the report on ^^^ ^"^n, 
discussion of itH merits was l^*£*« *£££ *Sr **** 

Shackelford, Roberts, Lattimore, Smith and Jennings, a,t r 
it was adopted, as follows: 

Tfrport q/* Committee on Education. 

■ ?„„, committee on EM- ■* ^£"1 £ S?^S 
, cport: The neee^ty -k **$£££, 3,1 B.J ,1*. 
has ever been affirmed by tnc w« Annua y it makes its 

It has a standing committee on ^^^funcnts, at others, re- 
report; sometimes abounding in «**^ e "g^ the two ernes* 
plete with incentives to WgrtteMom * * 

lions which it will ^c most profi a» le foj is now e ^ 

*hal are we doing, and wUat ought we to do in u lmyc 

great object? In answer to the fin* ^^J^L believe iar less 
g say tnat from all ^^^^J^^^oTt^ is our 
is bciug^donc to P^^^'^^Vfte educated, not an a matter 
duty. Our sons and daughters Simula ue , jn _ 

of liberality or char ity, but as a mat er ot r tfj^**^, jg^fc 
terest is being manifested is sustain ng ™ l ^ wc hlWC hith- 
Institute at Moulton. .We ™*^™™£ d f^%* are sending 

erto done, by ^^^f^t^^^S^ but *ot all that 
more of our sons to Union Umvcraityuian ^ nQm ^ 

ought to be there. Some are being ^^f^^serve *hat only 
inations in distant States. From ^^j \ C n °y contribu tion for 
one or two churches have sent up to ™* ^" y who are studying 

the -W-i^nS^ e tond ^stTon, your com JS 
iorthe ministry, in an&wcr iu i l j support of common 

believe that intelligent, ""'^^^^fe people's college 

t Mgter schools end <-*^£"25k generally snstaioed 
Those higher h.gher .n>t,t mons_ too must g ^ ^ ^ 

if W e desire to have en educe , <( W"*^- „ houU liavc ),i B h 
vocations. Even a teac ,ef f<* »■»•' . * ,,, , )e ab)e t() rC ad, write 
qualifications. It is not enough ^*"£H°™ knowledge of human 
and cipher, he shou d have J^*3rfWH lc Ling. But 
nature taet for teaehmg, irfr ««'• *°»° LaE**- d«per in- 
your committee most earnestly i rge ^ on t ministerial 

terest and greater -^T^fe %S.»» P^hers Wment 
eJucation. Too many o on ia •<»'. J« ^ ^toMim- 

J&Ti&SlS. r^*7S M" S of scieuce, the demand. ,or 


"pa* Hut in moral influence and ini.M? .1 ™ a risht t0 

the demands of the age intellectual power it will equal 

(or their «5£^X?25 »JTi '''iT'' T **' a ^budon 

- *-JE '5-KS " r Sa^net^are^ 

Z. F. Fiiekman, Chairman. 

waTr^f flr C ,hf h P e' n : n t°o f ;' ,e *7 ! !7 " P ° rt ' '"H" D °»- 

sorrow u min-Jcd with „„; • u ? prosperous condition, but 

churches which stem to be as £* th \ n ^ ^ T"* of °» r 
warm condition. We !' ° TJ* themselves^in a luke- 
gion before God is not nrZv r ° a - that f P«* «nd undefiled reli- 

churches, will by their Travel } ' ^^ t0 thtir "*P«*ive 

influence' ovory y ^mLvlo\Zrl7 Cr J ^T mean «r endeavor to 
tl»c mighty. As to t lie numWnf P ? hclp ° f tIie W1 a & ainst 

Respectfully submitted, 

W. & Siitrsox, Chairmao. 

iteport on Temperance called for which „fi,r !„>; ! j 

subject^ Communion t'K Circular . Letter, upon the 


h sb5 




Upon motion, the Association adjourned to at early 
candlo lighting. Prayer by Elder J. E. Lattimorc. 

' 'I 

' "4 

$l&t&>siri*n t .$cptcmbcrZOfh f \87l. 

Met pursuant to adjournment. Prayer by Elder Gnnn. \» .;« 
The report on Temperance was- re-read by its author, J. S. Gib- 
son, anrl after being ably discussed by Brethren. Jos. Shackelford, J. 
S. Gibson, Wm. Leigh, J. B. Speake, It. T. Wear, 8. M. Stcena»>D. : 
J. Gunn, was adopted, upon which Elder Jo?. Shackelford offered 
the following resolutions, which were adopted. 

Resolved, That wc, as an Association of Baptists, discountenance 
the use of ardent spirits as a beverage by the members of our chnrches. 

Resolved, That we will withdraw, fellowship from any church in 
our union that countenances drunkenness in its members. 

Report on 7cmperanee. . • 

Your committee beg leave to submit the following: Wc have noth- 
ing new to offer, but regret that it is a lamentable fact that Intem- 
perance, Hke a crisping serpent, has coiled itself around the tendrils 
©f society, until its poisonous breath almost risen to disptd intense of 
prayer, which should ascend in all the purity ami sweetness of Abel's 
offering. Yea more, this hissing monster has wrapped his slimy 
folds around the saered pillars of the churchy and with glaring eye 
it has polluted and eanftercd the tender chain that like family circle 
We regret that some of our Brethren are engaged in the sale of ar- 
dent sphits, and to such we would say, ''Wo unto him that i-ptittcth 
the bottle to his neigh hot 's mouth and maketh him druuken." , \\V V 
earnestly solicit the Baptist denomination to take steps to banish 
alcohol from onr midst, and* to use every energy to hold the hydra 
headed monster forever in exile. And this cannot be done as long 
as some of our Brethren- are engaged in the manufacture and 'sale of 
ardent spirits* and thereby supplying the sprini* from whrnec it 
issues. Communities have been steejK'd in- the fumes of whisky, un- 
til for self-preservation, and to- preserve the purity of our holy reli- 
gion, we must, as individuals and churches, put onr shoulders to the 
wheel, and on the rebellion against the patent of the fire monster. 
How there is being rolled back upon us a fearful tide of rfemoraliza- ' 
tion from the field of strife, a necessary result of the late war, and 
the moral element of the church must stem the torrible tide and ar- 
rest its progress, and let us avert the evils, ere the time shall come 
when our sons and daughters shall revel in all the polluted misery 
of Babylon's darkest days, and our feast lake that of Beltshazzer, 
be cut short, -,'Kespect fully submitted. 



• . 

, Report of Committee on Devotional Exercises 

S,iI°J TlT'^f T Devotio, : al Exercises report as follows: On 
Sa bath at U o'clock a.m. at the Baptist chqrch, Elder Smitli" 
at 2 o'clock pmEhler Jos, ShackelfWl, and C. Sm itl ^E 

ovioir, m 5Sj 3ab T a S SC,,00,; ? ^ ■ Methodist E. church a 11 

clock a.m. Elder J. Gunn; at 2 o'clock p.m. J. L. Lattimore- at 

he Instate 11 o'clock a.m, Elder Wm. Matthew.,; at n iZl 'the 

The Brethren appointed to fill the stands on Sunday were prompt 
tothejr appointments, and we trust lasting good was accomplish. 
ed. In connection with the Sahbath exercises, a Mass Meeting was 
held ,„ the mterest of the Sabbath School enterprise, which was ably 
addressed \>y Elders Shackelford and C. Smith. The effects of wctrnst will wondcrtully act upon the future prosperity of 
our Sabbath School enterprise. • 

Monday Morning, 9 O'clock, October 2d, 187 J. .'■ 
Met pursuant Jo adjournment. Prayer by 11, T. Wear. 
Upon motion, the Clerk read the Minutes, which were/upon mo- 
tion, adopted. 

Report on Jlome Missions read and laid on the table temporarily 
in order to allow the Executive Board to make their report, which 
was read by the chairman, Charles Gibson, which together with the 
report on Home Missions, were ably discussed by Elder Jos. Shack- 
elford, Charles Gibson, and Elder Matthews, after which the busi- 
ness part of the jreport of the Executive Board was adopted, as follows: 

Report of Executive Board. 

Dear Brethren at your last meeting at Town Creek church vou 
rfqptal a reeolnt.on withholding pledges from the churches for^o" 
mesne HiMoai until the delegates of the churches could return 
home and present the subject to each church, and report to the Ex" 
ecu, ve Board upon which they were to- act. TheBoard wa ted 
until ate m the Spring of this year, and no report was ever r «3 veo\ 
lleehatrmaa.then published an article in the Christian Heraid 
soliciting from the churches a response, and asking Pastors of the 



ipon those 

churches to urge the subject at their meetings, and up to tli 
only about «« churches have agreed to send up a single 
I hose were Pleasant Hill, Mt. Pfe ga and Hopewell, fn 1 
lown Creek, Moulton and Enon, in Lawrence, and up 

pledges the Board engaged the services /of Elder J. C. BobcitB, to 
commence about the last of July and serve up to the Association at 
945 per month, with the privilege of serviog his . owj, .M-i ^Pas- 
tor and also Pro. Veraer to take the 3d district for his field of labor. 
We guaranteed to him $50 out of the above pledges and more if we 
had i In case he failed to raise * reasonable. sal. ,ry, he having all 
he co ild raise. We refer you to tbeir report*, hoping this will be 
satisfactory, and recommend that paid. W« also recommend 
hat we ha 'e as a Board, «*t exceeding five members ,t « imp os- 
sihle to get them to act when we have so many and so snUtered 
We also^egommend the plan of taking pledges from the churches 
iu order to carry on our Missionary operations. 

Upon motion, the tabled report was taken up, and , aftcr^ being 
amended by the following resolution, was adopted: , 

Rooked That we appoint and empower the Executive Board to 
empbA a Missionary Jho shall act itUifttaM «J ^ IVui 
Xirehes, and also to act as a General Sabbath School agen and 
3 establish a Sabbath School in each chmvh, and to collect .11 
The meanB in his power from each church to earry on the Missionary 

enterprise. ' 

Report on Home Missions read as follows; . * 

jt •■ ',.•'.-.■ ■• 

Report or JJJomc 3/t«*fcm«. 

Your committee on Home Mibsioni,: have had the subject under 

ooiisideratSoT we are glad to learn that > something -bos been done 

wtpstycar. Two M Nonaries ' have been ip the fiehl a 

nor bn of the time, and their report; are ""^Wi&tf^- 
thlfact however, that .too little has been done, consider »ng tho great 
dest itu tier wi h n ow bounds. . But few churches respond* 1 to the. 
tto ^-ck at thebiat A-ociatiou, with "M£K*«g» 
nledres only a few .churches have sent up any funds for MlWionary 
SST U is certainly the duty of %™T »$£££"" 
field of destitution withui our If we are a Missionary iiony 
thin we Ihouhl show it by our acts. The committee are convinced 
1 at the Assoc ation should take more efficient step to have our 
M^onary^rk carried on. The plan adopted lust year seem. «« 
to have proved as successful as was anticipated and we believe that • 
will foil to produco the results desired. We think that a plan winch 
will bring Imineatly before our churches their duty to t»Ui" the 
Mfisonarvwork within our bounds i. necdrd. W« do not know 
fhi* he Plan wc suggest will he the most effective, yet we off* it to 
illation hoputg that if a ™&£*£^%£. 
soeiation will, in its wisdom adopt it. .^^Tm^^ who 
tiv-P Board employ an efficient man as Aycnt and Missionary, wno 
shall vSt every church within oui bound, and take collections and 


subscriptions to sustain the Missionary work in out hound, and also 
preach .„ as many destitute-places a/possible, and fu ther' t at the 
Beard employ as many Missionaries J they may be able 
.'■Respectfully submitted, 

^; '. Jos, SiUckelford, Chairman. 

Tending the adoption of t^ above, the following pledgeg were 
taken for a Missionary during'thr present Associational vear: 

Moulton church 
Uopev.ell church 
Mt. Pisga church, in M. 
Mt. Pleasant church 
Enon church 
Town Creek church 

$50 00: 

75 00*' 
25 00 
25 00 
25 (X> 
25 00 

Phillips, Kvening Shade 25»00 

Okalona church 
Ploasaut Hill church 
Tueoumbia church- 
Cherry Hill church 
Liberty church 
Courtland church 
NewProspcet chtuclr 
R. J. Jenniu'js- 
B. Manscl 

W. D. Chambliss 
Sifter Pheba Gibson 
ft. J. Williams 
Richard Taliaferro 
G. VV. Little 
E. R. Stanley 
Sister Lucy Beck 
M. J. Jennin<jtf 
Mr.*. T. E. Jennings 
Douglass Seargeant 
Euon church — more 


10 00' 
25 00: 
25 00 
10 00 
15 00 




5 00 
.5 00 
' 5- 00 
5 00 
5 00 
5 (JO 
5 00 

1 00 

2 50 

2 50 
5 00 
2 50 

141 J 50 

llusselville church 
. Cedar Creek church 
Duncan's Creek church 
Shi lolv church, in W. 
E. R. Little 
Bethel church 
Macedonia church 

Elder NVm. Leigh, paid 

Salem church 

Mt. Pisga church,inL. 

Pleasant Grove church 

Bethlehem church 

Union Grove church 

Peter Clay 

W. flames •' , 

Henry Hargctt 

Sister T. Kirk 

Sister E. Scott 

S. Norwood 

J. K. Bell, paid 

J. A. Rohcrson 

J. Richardson 

Jos. Shackelford' 

S. Nan co 

A. Walker 


'J. Robcrsou 

$25 00 
10 00 
10 00 

6 00 
. 5 00 
25 00 v 

5 00 
.6 00 

5 00 
10 00 
10 00 

2 50 
10 00 


5 00 
5 00 
2 50 

2 CO' 

3 00 
2 50 
5 00 



2 50 

2 50 

1 00 
10 20 

1179 20 

5592 70 


Gibson.J.B.Speak , D^XO^J 1 ^ topr each.thc 

Upon »°«»>^*« *• S, '^T Association. It J. Jennings, 
Introductory Sermon at the ne\t *« t> 

Alternate. , ...V ',\ admitcd as follows: 

The Treasurer ^^J-^ftS, -Action Dr. to 

examined the aocount referred to them and Sorttu ^ g,^,^ 
elected in 1*69, to remain, vis: W. »•"■'" „. g neok e, and C. A. 
and we recommend the W^^S*^ £?JE53 inthatjear. 
<*» ">. . fi L^r^%^^r fi "ut t v1elneie,(or that yea, W. 

, T Y Shoemaker and W m. xiHrrm, . , 

^AHo. whicnis respectfully subm.tted,^ ^^^ 

v»i •*■ ^ JoS. SlIACKELVOR©, 
i ^ ti » J. h. IjATTIMOBE. 

the citizen* adopted, 

during the session oHhls bod> . »» ^ A ,, crt amnw . 

Upon motion, the Clerk was '^~ iulCi ond that he 

meat with reference to the Minutes , po ^ 

h.„ on. thousand cop c, printed, a ,^e all- ed »9 ^ ^ 
his S ervices. Elder Shackelford to *<**»* » Qrr in <1Utrict 
trict No. 1; A. G. Owen in district No. 2, and 1*. u. 

K Thi following preamble and reflation wa, then offered by O.V. ] 
JKSaWKtt^ Vrea. we M it to *. our 



duty to express in a suitable planner our eateera for him whose seat 
is now forever vacated in this hotly— * 

Resolved therefore, That we bow in humble submission to the will 
of our Heavenly leather in this bereavement, and that while we feel 
that this body has lost a worthy member, and the Baptist denomina- 
tion an example of piety) jreal and humility wortny of imitatiou, we 
hope and believe that our loss is his eternal gain. 

Resolved further, That we tender to his bereaved wife and chil- 
dren our deepest sympathy, and recommend them to the widow ? s 
God and the orphan's friend, as the only source of comfort and con- 

Resolved, That the above preamble and resolutions b« spread upon 
our Minutes and a copy of the same be forwarded to the widow of 
our deceased Brother, liespectfully submitted. 

A query was then offered with reference to dancing by church mem- 
bers. Answer as follows: 

This body regards dancing, es usually practiced, unscriptural, and 
is therefore discountenanced by us. 

The Committee on Finance report as fellows: 

Report on Finance. 
Amount of Minute fund $72 00; missionary Jfund, including the 
Interest on the Owen bequest 8184 20. ..-Total on hand $24b" 201 

C. Gibson, Chairman 

Upon motion, Bro. C* Gibson was allowed all the funds on hand, 
over that which pays the present year's expenses to replace what he 
had paid out last year, above what was in his hands. , 'M f 

There being no other business, the Absociation adjourned to meet 
with the Pleasant Hill church, Morgan county, Alabama, Friday 
before the first Sabbath In October, 1872. 

J. GUNN, Moderator 
J. C. ROBERTS, Clerk. 

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